Which is a better college, Julliard, or Manhatten school of music ?

Answer They are both great, my sister went to both for viola, BA at Manhatten and MA at Julliard. It really depends on who will be your teachers. I recomend visiting both and meeting with your potential i... Read More »

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I am HINDU,CANNOT eat at place where beef is cooked. What/where to eat in USA where I am going to travel?

You can look up vegetarian restaurants or Indian restaurants in the yellow pages of the phone book.

FACEBOOK: The picture where you tag people, where do you get them Can anyone give me some?…

Where can i find a recycling place in chicago where they pay for the recycled items?

You don't say what area of Chicago you live. here's a link to some.....…… may wa... Read More »

Where is a CiCi's Pizza I see the ads on local San Diego TV Channels..They never say where it is.?

CiCi's Pizza is a buffet restaurant chain based in Coppell, Texas, specializing in American-style pizza. CiCi's Pizza has approximately 600 stores in 28 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado... Read More »