How to Be Like Claude from GTA III?

Answer So you want to be like one of the protagonists from the famous saga Grand Theft Auto? If you want to be like Claude read the steps and you're going to be (almost) identical to him!

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How to Make Niko Wear Claude from GTA 3's Clothes in GTA 4?

Have you ever wanted Niko to wear GTA 3's Claude Speed's clothes? Here is how. WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS

Why does jean valjean go to the barracks where marius is after receiving gavroche's note from marius to cosette?

Valjean goes to the barricades to save Marius (because Marius was bound to die if he didn't) so that Cosette could be happy.

Has Jean K Jean appeared before 101808 on Weekend Update?

he appeared 030808 and 051008. Absolutely, I just don't remember when.

Where was Jean-Pierre Blanchard born?

Jean Pierre Blanchard was born in Petit Andelys, France, on July 4, 1753. Blanchard, who was an inventor and a noted pioneer in hot-air ballooning, died on March 7, 1809 from complications from a f... Read More »