Can someone track where I am by phone calls made by my phone by me?

Answer Only the police & government have the authority to run a trace like that.They can pinpoint your location whenever your phone is switched on, and find out the location when any call is made.

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Can (UK) mobile phone provider tell us where phone is!?

I don't think that they will be able to. I lost my phone and all they were able to do was cancel the contract and the sim so that no one could make calls or use the phone in the hope that someone ... Read More »

Where is my phone i cant find my phone?

Get someone to call it so that you can track it down by the ring. DON'T post the # online!

Where can get a phone book. I need a Cochran,GA book. They use Com South. I only use a cell phone.?

You should just call customer service at Bell South. They are glad to send them out.

Where could I buy a new phone?

you can buy anywhere there is electronics , or try library .