Where is the game show in Istanbul?

Answer taksim caddesi

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Where is Karakoy, Istanbul, Turkey?

The city of Istanbul is situated in the northeastern portion of Turkey and serves as the nation's capital. Karkaoy is located at the northern end of the Galata Bridge, which is found in the souther... Read More »

Where is Istanbul, Turkey located?

Istanbul in northwestern Turkey is situated on the east and west side of the Bosphorus Strait putting it on both the European and Asian continents. Its approximate G.P.S. coordinates are 41.00527,... Read More »

Is Istanbul the capital of Turkey?

Although Istanbul was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the current capital city of Turkey is Ankara. Istanbul is rare in that it lies in two continents at once—with the ea... Read More »

Can you get a Greek visa from Istanbul?

Turkish citizens need a visa to visit Greece, and can obtain a visa at the Greece consulate in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Interested parties can contact the Greece embassy in Istanbul by sending... Read More »