Where is Internet history stored?

Answer On Windows 7, the user's internet browsing history is saved within the program as a list of visited websites. Temporary files can be found in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Int... Read More »

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Where is Internet history stored in XP?

Internet browsing history for Internet Explorer, also called temporary Internet files, is stored in a folder in "My Computer." The path is "C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temporary Inter... Read More »

Where is Internet history stored in Vista?

Vista's Internet history is stored in the temporary Internet files folder. This folder is located on your C drive. To find it click on these folders, in the order specified: "Users," "Owner," "AppD... Read More »

Where is Internet history stored on Windows XP?

According to computer privacy software company Mil Incorporated, the "index.dat" file records Internet history, cache, cookies and UserData records. Windows XP keeps index.dat, cookies and temporar... Read More »

Where is internet history stored on a computer?

Each web browser stores browsing history files, known as caches and cookies, in different folders. You can generally clear your browsing history through the privacy settings menu in your web browse... Read More »