How much is flood insurance in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida?

Answer According to the National Flood Insurance Program, the price for flood insurance varies by property, because all properties may not be in the same flood zone. The premium will also depend on the am... Read More »

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If a contract to rent a beach house in VA Beach is signed in Maryland can suit for false advertising be brought in Maryland even if the property management co is located in VA Beach?

If the property management company or the realtor handling the rental arrangements have a physical place of business in the state of Maryland, the suit can be brought in Maryland. If not, it must b... Read More »

High School Earth Science Projects on Rocks?

Science projects involving rocks can evaluate properties of rocks, their composition and their reaction to environmental factors.The solid part of the earth's surface is comprised of rocks. Rocks c... Read More »

Is Subsoil Mostly Made of Solar Energy or Petroleum or Small Rocks or Solid Rocks?

Soil is a complex blend of organic and inorganic ingredients vital to sustaining plant life and growth. It's divided into several distinct layers or horizons, each of which has a different composit... Read More »

Is subsoil mostly made of solar energy or petroleum or small rocks or solid rocks?

Subsoil, or the “B” horizon (layer) of soil, lies directly below the topsoil, or “A” horizon. Lying at least 8 inches below the surface, subsoil contains less humus--decayed plant and anima... Read More »