Where is Fiji water bottled?

Answer Fiji water is bottled at the same locale where the Fiji artesian water is extracted from. The Yaqara Valley in Viti Levu, Fiji sets the stage for Fiji water. Although Fiji water is bottled in this ... Read More »

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Do you think Fiji water tastes better than regular bottled water?

personally, i think it does. i can't describe it but it just tastes cleaner or something.

Does anyone think Fiji Water tastes any different from other bottled waters?

yea it tastes much more cleaner to me. And I've tried several different water brands.

Where is Fiji water made?

Fiji water comes from an ancient volcanic crater in the Fiji Islands, located in the south Pacific Ocean. The water comes from a source deep within the earth protected by layers of clay and rock.Th... Read More »

Is FIJI Water really from Fiji?

FIJI Water comes from the Yaqara Valley on Viti Levu, the largest island in Fiji. The artesian water is naturally purified well water; it is mineral-enriched because it is filtered for hundreds of ... Read More »