Where is English spoken in Canada?

Answer English and French are the official languages in Canada, but English is spoken as the primary language throughout the country, except in Quebec, where French is preferred. English is the primary la... Read More »

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Where is English spoken in Africa?

Twenty-one of Africa's countries list English as an official language. In many cases, English has been chosen because it allows a common ground between multiple ethnic groups. The African countries... Read More »

Where is pidgin English spoken?

Pidgin English is a form of English with simplified vocabulary and rules of grammar. People around the world use various forms of pidgin English to communicate when they don't share a common langua... Read More »

Where is Rock English spoken?

Rock English is spoken on the island of Gibraltar, also known at the "Rock," which is a British territory located in the Mediterranean. Although English is the official language, Rock English--a mi... Read More »

How is French spoken in Canada different than French spoken in France?

All dialects of French share many characteristics, but each dialect in a French-speaking region has evolved differently. French Canadians and natives of France are able to understand each other for... Read More »