Where is England Furniture Inc. located?

Answer England Inc., a maker of upholstered furniture, is located at 402 Old Knoxville Highway, New Tazewell, Tennessee, 37825. However, the company is part of La-Z-Boy, whose headquarters is located i... Read More »

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Where is New England located on a map?

The northeastern region of the United States is referred to as New England, and consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is bordered to the north b... Read More »

Who makes furniture by England?

The La-Z-boy furniture company, headquartered in Monroe, Michigan, owns the England furniture company. England manufactures its American-made, custom-upholstered furniture at its location on Old K... Read More »

What are some other good furniture shops (besides antiques) like Ikea in England?

You think Ikea is a *good* furniture shop...?My vote would go to Bombay Co., but in these economically trying times, they have unfortunately folded.

Where is New England on the world map?

New England comprises the upper northeast region of the United States, framed by the Atlantic Ocean, Canada and New York. The average latitude and longitude map coordinates of the six New England s... Read More »