What episode of Castle was it where Castle is standing and looking out of a rainy window and his mother is standing behind him in a turquoise cardigan?

Answer Its green light (freemasons mix) beyonce

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Who is draculas?

If you ment Dracula, he's a vampire. Count Dracula is based on a historical figure called Vlad Tepes the Impaler. Count Dracula has fangs and sucks blood of innocent people. He also can turn into a... Read More »

Were is draculas castla?

Where can i find quicky restaurants Like ones where it's in a castle or you know really unique?

Dear Blah Blah,Try Ninja at 25 Hudson Street in TriBeCa in Manhattan. It's set in a medieval Ninja village. Staff members in costume do tableside magic.Enoy!Spikey

What is the name of the 90's children TV show where kids travelled to some medieval place where there was a dark knight and a castle?