Where can I get reasonable tree costumes at in the Chicagoland Area?

Answer SHOP.COM.

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Why doesnt the dollar store (99€ store,dollar tree,dollarama) offer refunds or exchanges?

They can't afford to do it. They are working on a skin tight profit margin as it is. They don't have the luxury of the big box stores. Those items come with no guarantees.

What is the area in square cm of a dollar bill?

A dollar bill is 6.14 inches long and 2.61 inches wide, or 15.60 cm by 6.63 cm. The area, found by multiplying the length by the width, is 103.43 cm. The square root of 103.43 is 10.17, so the area... Read More »

Is Dollar Tree a subsidiary?

No, Dollar Tree is not a subsidiary of a company; rather, Dollar Tree stores are owned buy a public corporation called Dollar Tree, Inc. The company trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol DLTR. Doll... Read More »

Is Dollar Tree diversified?

Dollar Tree is a retail store that is known for selling items for one dollar. The nature of the business allows for diversification of locations and products sold, but it is not a company with div... Read More »