Who should I vote for to win American Idol, David Archuleta or David Cook?

Answer ok i think you should vote for david archuleta because: 1) his voice is pure-he's singing like this with practically 1 vocal cord and it will only get BETTER by age2) david archuleta is young...he ... Read More »

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David Archuleta and David Cook What's wrong?

I see a lot of that too and I think it sucks, especially since it's obvious that they're friends. Cookie is like Archie's big brother,or something. And both of them are amazing, so I'm a rarity who... Read More »

Who won david archuleta or david cook?

David Cook won Season 7 of American Idol.

How to Be a David Archuleta Fan?

David ArchuletaDo you want to be a total David Archuleta fan, but aren't really sure how? Follow these steps and you'll be a true David Archuleta fan!

David Archuleta or Jesse Mccartney?

DAVID ARCHULETA! he's soooooo cute and his voice is AMAZING. Have you heard him sing "Heaven"? It is soooo good.But I also think Jesse McCartney is talented. He wrote "Bleeding Love" after all. Btw... Read More »