Where was the first Costco store opened?

Answer The first Costco warehouse location opened in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. The company achieved rapid success and within six years, the Costco chain had grown from zero to $3 billion in annual sale... Read More »

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Where does costco get their diamond rings?

Diamond rings sold at Costco are solely obtained through the legal avenues as established in the Kimberley Process of the United Nations. This legislation ensures that legitimate diamonds are obtai... Read More »

Where is there a good place to buy a really good camera but a small one others told me costco ?

bestbuy, circuit city, radio shack. radio shack is probably your best bet. they have better customer service. the other 2 just have too many customers and too little employees.

Yes, offers Olympus. Costco is one of the 4 online vendor I use for camera gear, so they're ok.If you are looking for the new Olympus 510, it won't be out for a month or two. I think it ... Read More »

How big are costco pizza boxes?