Where is CorningWare manufactured?

Answer CorningWare bakeware has been in existence since 1958. World Kitchen manufactures CorningWare bakeware in the United States, Canada and Asia-Pacific regions. CorningWare bake ware is made from cera... Read More »

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Where are Swedish manufactured homes manufactured in the United States?

Swedish manufactured homes are built in: St. Paul, Minnesota; Lewes, Delaware; San Francisco, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New Orleans, Louisiana; Los Angeles, Californ... Read More »

Can CorningWare be used on a stovetop?

The original CorningWare products were made of a glass-ceramic material that could be used on a stovetop. In the late 1990s, however, the company was acquired by World Kitchen, and the composition ... Read More »

Can you put CorningWare on top of a stove?

It is not advisable to put CorningWare on top of the stove. CorningWare is porcelain, so if you put it on or near a direct heat source, it could break or shatter and cause injury. The bottom of the... Read More »

Can you microwave corningware?

Yes. CorningWare's seven styles of bakeware and dinnerware are all microwave safe. The pieces are also safe for use in the oven (conventional, toaster or convection), refrigerator, freezer and dish... Read More »