I am a white male at Clark Atlanta University, and HBCU, how do i get a minority Scholarship?

Answer Go to the schools financial aid office and ask them this exact question. and see what happens. If they escort you out of the office, you probably aren't at a college that isn't a good fit for you ... Read More »

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Where is the Park N Fly at Clark Airport?

Answer Yes, most of them want you to have it for liability purposes.

Where is the Lewis& Clark Forest located?

The Lewis and Clark National Forest is located in Montana and contains 1.8 million acres of land. The highest point in the forest is Rocky Mountain Peak which is 9,362 feet. The park allows fishing... Read More »

Where did Lewis& Clark come from?

President Thomas Jefferson appointed William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to lead the Corps of Discovery on its expedition. Both men were born in Jefferson's native Virginia in the years prior to the... Read More »

Where were Lewis& Clark born?

Meriwether Lewis, one of the two leaders of the Lewis and Clark expedition, was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, in August 1774. His partner, William Clark, was born in Caroline County, Virginia... Read More »