How many miles from cape canaveral to port canaveral?

Answer 5.79 miles (9.32 kilometres)

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How far is cape canaveral from Grand Bahamas?

The distance between Cape Canaveral and the Grand Bahamas is only 280 kilpmeters or roughly 175 miles.

Is Merritt Island near Cape Canaveral?

Yes, Merritt Island is Approx. Six miles from the south Gate to the cape. Merritt Island is on the causeway two to three miles before you get to Cocoa Beach.

How many people live in Cape Canaveral?

The population of Cape Canaveral, Florida on December 15th 2011 is approximately 8,829. (Extrapolated from a 2000 US census population of 8,829 and a population of 8,829 on December 6th 2010.)

How many dfacs does Cape Canaveral Air Force Base have?