How much is a first class letter to Bruges, Belgium?

Answer As of 2010, a first class letter from the United States to Belgium costs $0.98 for a standard-sized letter envelope weighing up to one ounce. Prices increase for each additional ounce.Source:United... Read More »

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I am HINDU,CANNOT eat at place where beef is cooked. What/where to eat in USA where I am going to travel?

You can look up vegetarian restaurants or Indian restaurants in the yellow pages of the phone book.

Where do air force members where rank for Senior Noncommissioned Officers on blues?

In the United States? William "Billy" Mitchell. He was a General in the Army during the early 1900s who saw how the Germans used air power very well during WWI. He begged and pleaded with the Army ... Read More »

What biblical allusions are found in where are you going where have you been?

The quotation is from Genesis 16:8. God encounters Hagar in the wilderness, where she had feld from fear of Sarai, and he asks her, "Where have you come from and where are you going?"

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