Where is Blue Mountain Coffee grown?

Answer Living up to its namesake, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in the Blue Mountain region, located on the eastern side of Jamaica. These mountains are almost always covered with a mist that giv... Read More »

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Where is Folgers mountain coffee grown?

Folgers coffee has been around since its founding in San Francisco in 1850. The company uses coffee beans grown on mountains throughout the world, including parts of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Ce... Read More »

Where does Blue Mountain coffee grow?

Blue Mountain coffee grows exclusively in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It must meet stringent quality standards to rate as true Blue Mountain, and even then it is separated into three basic grade... Read More »

Why is Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee so much better than Kona?

Without compelling scientific data to prove otherwise...I refuse to accept your claim. There is nothing better than a freshly ground Kona coffee bean. They are especially yummy when you eat them ri... Read More »

How to Identify Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

CoffeeJamaican Blue Mountain coffee has its own flavor and here is how to identify it.