What is the Twilight Zone episode where a military group were watching a family living in a kind of forcefield square and at the end one guy go into the square to meet a girl but the girl kills him?

Answer This actually isn't from an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was from a show called Night Visions (a show that had a simillar style as The Twilight Zone and it only aired for one season) The episod... Read More »

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Pay rate at Bakers Delight?

Pay rate for any job is minimum wage, but being underage and in school you can only work so many hours a week, I think its 16 or 18 hours. But a server makes less per hour because they make tips. ... Read More »

Bakers cyst Serious?

Hello, I'm sorry about your knee. Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain. Yes, if you have a baker's cyst, that could be the result of your previ... Read More »

Calling All Cupcake Bakers!?

hi aang in the batter for the cupcake instead of water add club soda if no club add seltzer fluffy all the time, you make cakes the same way. the icing coconut cream cheese 1 tablespoon butter1 cu... Read More »

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