Where Is Area Code 505 Located?

Answer In 1947, Bell instituted area codes for states and provinces in the United States and Canada under a system called the North American Numbering Plan. The plan created 86 area codes, including 505 f... Read More »

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Where is 626 area code located?

With the information you have given all I can tell you is that it is on California. Without the next 3 digits I cannot narrow it down as there are 580 entries for the 626 area code, all within Cali... Read More »

Where is the 305 area code located?

In 1947, 305 became the first area code for the state of Florida. Gradually, more area codes were assigned for different parts of Florida. Today, the area code 305 covers the cities of Homestead, K... Read More »

What state is the secret US Air Force base Area 51 located?

For one, it's obivously not secret. For two near Groom Lake, Nevada, north of Las Vegas.

In what area are Dunkin Donuts coffee/donut shops located?

You can find a store at their locator:…