Where is Almeda University located?

Answer Almeda University provides online courses and degree programs, so there is not a physical campus you can attend. Almeda University opened their virtual campus in 1997 and serves the international c... Read More »

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Is Almeda University accredited?

Alameda University, an online institute since 1997, is accredited by three certifying organizations. The Council for Distance Education Accreditation, the Association for Online Academic Excellence... Read More »

Degrees at Almeda University?

Almeda is an accredited online university that offers degree programs in a variety of subjects. Almeda has a business school in addition to a theology school, and its online degrees range from asso... Read More »

Is Almeda University an accredited school?

Almeda University is accredited by three organizations--the Committee for Distance Education Accreditation, Interfaith Education Ministry Accreditation Association and Association for Online Academ... Read More »

Where is Rochville University located?

Rochville University does not have a known physical address. A CNN investigation found that the website is operated from Sarasota, Florida, but a degree CNN purchased was mailed from the United Ara... Read More »