Where do people get these freaky avatars that you see on gore sites, etc.?

Answer Hey!They get it from Photobucket, Google Images, Flickr, and many other images site. Many also make their on, on Photoshop, Coral Draw and other software.Have fun using images!╰♦╮ ÐÄŘĶǸÃ... Read More »

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How much money has Al Gore made from carbon credits?

The amount of money that former Vice President Al Gore has earned from the global carbon credit market is not publicly available. Gore's venture capital firm has invested millions in companies the ... Read More »

How to Make Gore?

Are you making a horror movie, or decorating for Halloween? Do you want to create a scene marked by violent death, complete with guts and blood? Here's how to create that kind of gore.

Is GORE-TEX fabric breathable?

The breathable quality of GORE-TEX® makes it a popular clothing choice for outdoor activities. In addition to permitting air to pass through, the patented material also protects wearers from wind ... Read More »

How to Create a Gateway of Gore for Halloween?

It is possible to make Halloween decorations that will wow (and shock) your neighborhood without spending a bundle. When looking to make a decoration that is shockingly gory and yet reusable for ye... Read More »