Where in the world is muscovite found?

Answer Muscovite deposits are found all over the world, but the largest muscovite sites are in India, Pakistan, Brazil and Russia. As an industrial material, this type of rock is used as an electrical ins... Read More »

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Where is topaz found in the world?

The gem topaz is found mostly in Brazil and in the Ural mountains of Russia. There are also topaz deposits in Mexico, Japan, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Utah, Texas and Colorado in ... Read More »

Where are geckos found in the world?

There are more than 300 species of gecko spread throughout the world, and the spread is considerable. Geckos can be found in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, including several non-native, West Ind... Read More »

What color probably is found on a world map more than any other&why?

Blue is the color that is found on a world map more than any other. It represents bodies of water, such as seas, oceans, lakes and rivers, which cover 70 percent of the world's surface.References:N... Read More »

Where in the world is vanadium found?

Vanadium is found mostly in Russia and South Africa. Other producers include the United States, China and Canada. Vanadium is a metal commonly used to strengthen alloys. It is also used in making d... Read More »