What do geographers call europe&asia as one?

Answer Europe and Asia together form the landmass commonly referred to as Eurasia, according to World History for Us All, a project of San Diego State University and the National Center for History in the... Read More »

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Is russia part of europe or asia?

Russia is the largest country in the world and is a part of Europe and Asia. The Ural Mountains extend for more than 2,200 kilometers and form the separation boundary between areas of Russia that f... Read More »

What was the containment policy How did the Truman administration implement it in Europe and Asia?

The united states had supported France in Vietnam. With the defeat of the french, the United States saw a rising threat to the rest of asia. President Eisenhower described this threat in terms of t... Read More »

How effective was US foreign policy during the period 1945-1952 in combating Communist aggression in Europe and Asia?

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What were the effects of the US neutrality laws of the 1930s on both American foreign policy and the international situation in Europe and East Asia?