Where in the world are peas grown?

Answer many different places-- they are easy to grow. they grow almost everywhere in the USA, and all over New England for sure!

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Where are Green Giant Le Sueur peas grown?

The Green Giant company was founded in 1903, in Le Sueur, Minnesota. The company began growing peas in 1907. The famous "Valley," a prominent feature in Green Giant commercials, is actually the Min... Read More »

Where Are Pears Grown in the World?

As far back as 5000 B.C. pears have appeared in ancient stories and records. They are one of the world's oldest cultivated fruits. Because they can be cultivated in different climates, they are gro... Read More »

Where in the world are cocoa beans grown?

Cocoa beans grow on trees in the tropics. Cocoa trees require constant warm temperatures, lots of rain and shelter from sun and wind. They grow in South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. C... Read More »

What time of year are peas grown?

Answer In Australia, they are grown as a winter crop.