Where in the computer do you plug your flip video camera in?

Answer Your flip camera has a USB plug on the "flip" part. If you can't figure this out, then take it back to the shop & ask them for a film camera as you may be better qualified to use that one.

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If you plug in you flip video camera into your computer will it charge?

In most cases when you attach any electronic device to your computer using a USB cable, it IS so that it can charge. In many other cases you will be able to do more with this connection, such as tr... Read More »

How much computer memory is needed for a Flip video camera?

Flip video cameras' FlipShare software requires 512 MB of RAM for Windows XP, and 1 GB of RAM for Windows Vista. Mac requirements are 512 MB of RAM for the Flip Ultra or Mino, or 1 GB of RAM for th... Read More »

Where can you buy a flip video camera online?

They stopped making Flip cameras a couple of years ago. The Manufacturer Knew the lawsuits were coming for the bad design they had, burning out the battery too often. Besides that, they are junk ... Read More »

What is your opinion of the Flip(video camera)?

my mom has one for the family on trips and they are AWESOME u can do so much with it! if you record a video and u like part of a video you can go threw the video and pick a part of it as a picture!... Read More »