Where in the body are more than half of your bones located?

Answer A physically mature adult has 206 bones, with more than half of these bones located in the hands and feet. There are 26 bones in each foot and 27 bones in each hand, adding up to 106 bones.Source:B... Read More »

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Where is the eye located in your body?

The eyes are located below the forehead and eyebrows of the face, within the eye socket area of the skull cavity. One eye is located on either side of the nose, typically taking form at the bridge ... Read More »

Do fish have more bones than seals?

The typical seal has approximately 25 bones in its normal skeleton. According to Wikipedia, a fish has multiple bones. For instance, a goldfish has approximately 1,500 bones, while a blue whale has... Read More »

How many more bones does a horse have than a human?

The number of bones in a horse can vary slightly depending on its breed, and based on the presence or absence of a carpal bone in each of the knees. The average horse has 205 bones, which is actual... Read More »

Where is your heart located in your body?

Your heart is situated between your lungs, near the center of your chest. It sits just behind and to the left of your sternum, or breast bone. The pericardium, a sac-like membrane with two layers, ... Read More »