Does the Bible state that God intended us all to be vegetarians?

Answer I don't know and I don't care. If it does it's only relevant to a minority of the world's population - Christians.The rest of the world sets no store by what the bible says. Many people regard it a... Read More »

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Does it say in the bible that god will hold us in the palm of his hand?

A traditional Gaelic blessing asks that loved ones remain held in the palm of God's hand, but the Bible doesn't directly say this is true. There are several references in the Bible offering a simil... Read More »

Where does it talk about planting seeds in the bible?

Sowing seeds is mentioned throughout the New Testament of the Bible as a parable for the benefits of hard effort. The most known reference is that of sowing what one reaps, such as is stated in Gal... Read More »

Why does the Protestant Bible have seven less books than the Catholic Bible?

The Catholic and Protestant Bibles are held by both denominations as the true and inspired Word of God. However, the reason why these versions have a different number of official books in their pre... Read More »

Where is the original Bible?

Original bible manuscripts were written on papyrus, but none survived to this day. The oldest bible in the world is the Codex Sinaiticus, which was penned between the first and fourth centuries. Th... Read More »