Where in canada is Salvia legal everywhere's or just in certain areas?

Answer Its legal in all of Canada. Like first responder said even if its illegal you can still buy online. sells the strongest extract Ive ever tried. If you are a beginner, I reco... Read More »

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Is Salvia divinorum legal in Canada?

Salvia divinorum, a psychoactive plant sometimes used as a recreational drug, is legal in Canada, although some health organizations have pushed to have it banned under the nation's Controlled Drug... Read More »

Do you have to register pit bulls and get liability insurance all over the US or is it just in certain areas?

Only in certain jurisdictions - it is NOT a nationwide requirement.

I'm 19. Can I bring beer from Canada(where I am legal) back into the U.S.(where im a minor)?

No you cannot, unfortunatly once you are at the vborder the American rules apply again so you will be a minor in possession of alcohol. Just drink while you are up there and bing what is left of yo... Read More »

Do i have to eat certain foods or just a certain amount of calories?

Protein fruit veggies if u eat junk and fat for 1600a calories u r doing more harm then good. No soda either