Where in canada is Salvia legal everywhere's or just in certain areas?

Answer Its legal in all of Canada. Like first responder said even if its illegal you can still buy online. sells the strongest extract Ive ever tried. If you are a beginner, I reco... Read More »

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Is Salvia divinorum legal in Canada?

Salvia divinorum, a psychoactive plant sometimes used as a recreational drug, is legal in Canada, although some health organizations have pushed to have it banned under the nation's Controlled Drug... Read More »

Is it legal to buy salvia?

It is legal to buy salvia in many states. However, salvia is illegal to buy or posses in some states including Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Maine. Consider your state laws, as posses... Read More »

Is salvia divinorum legal in the U.S.?

The legal status of salvia divinorum varies by state. Fifteen states have laws prohibiting salvia outright. They are Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi,... Read More »

Is salvia legal in Minnesota?

Salvia is legal to purchase in the state of Minnesota. The herb, Salvia divinorum, causes mind-altering or psychedelic properties when smoked. No overdoses have been associated with salvia's use, a... Read More »