Where in a flower are male gametes located?

Answer The male gametes are located in the pollen of the flower. Hence, the new growth of flowers through the process of pollination.-----------------In general it is located in the stamen region of the f... Read More »

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A flower with male organs only?

These types of flowers are known as an imperfect flower with either fertile male or fertile female organs, but not both, on the same flower. Spruce, pines, ash and maples have imperfect flowers. G... Read More »

How to Distinguish Between the Male & Female Part of a Flower?

Flowers shapes, sizes and colors vary widely by plant species. However, most flowers do contain recognizable male and/or female reproductive parts. A single flower can have a mix of male and female... Read More »

Where is the pollen located on a flower?

Pollen is produced by the male part of the flower. The pollen is found on stalk-like structures in the center of the flower, called anthers. Anthers grow in sets of two and are more commonly known ... Read More »

Where is the anther of a flower located?