Can Berber carpet be steam cleaned?

Answer The ability of a Berber carpet to tolerate steam cleaning depends on the fiber. The most commonly used fiber, olefin, can be steam cleaned. Dry carpet cleaning is the best method for nylon and wool... Read More »

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Can laminate floors be steam cleaned?

No, laminate flooring cannot be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning or using chemicals on laminate flooring can cause damage to the surface. Laminate flooring should always be cleaned using a damp clot... Read More »

Can a prego floor be cleaned with a steam cleaner?

I Believe you mean PERGO, which is a brand name of laminate flooring. For the life of me I cannot say that I've ever seen prego flooring, but I am pretty comfortable in saying that if it happens to... Read More »

How often should a car engine be cleaned?

Maintaining a clean engine is an important aspect of keeping its various systems running properly at all times. Different systems have different requirements for maintenance and, in order to ensure... Read More »

How many freight cars did 4-8-4 steam locomotives typically pull?

Good points made above.Engines were rated for maximum tonnage that could be handled over given districts by engine class, including grade territory. Even today, this is still so. Tonnage is the k... Read More »