Where have the oldest hominid fossils been found?

Answer The Middle Awash project, a team of 70 scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, and other institutions, announced in 2009 they had discovered the world's oldest hominid skeleton in... Read More »

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Where have most early hominid fossils been found?

Because human ancestors underwent most of their evolution on the African continent, most fossils have been found there. Kenya and Ethiopia are both rich fossil sites. Many fossils, particularly Hom... Read More »

On which continent have the oldest fossils been found?

The oldest known fossils on Earth were found in western Australia. These stromatolites, as the fossils are known, are cyanobacteria that have been dated at 3.5 billion years old, slightly younger t... Read More »

How many Triceratops fossils have been found?

While more than 50 Triceratops skulls have been found, including one for a baby, people have not located any complete skeletons. Only four substantially complete examples exist, one of which is on ... Read More »

What Kinds of Fossils Have Been Found Over the Last Five Years?

Paleontology is the study of the ancient life forms that have inhabited the Earth and the fossils that they leave behind. Scientists use the evidence of fossils to learn more about life in the dis... Read More »