Where have most early hominid fossils been found?

Answer Because human ancestors underwent most of their evolution on the African continent, most fossils have been found there. Kenya and Ethiopia are both rich fossil sites. Many fossils, particularly Hom... Read More »

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Where have the oldest hominid fossils been found?

The Middle Awash project, a team of 70 scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, and other institutions, announced in 2009 they had discovered the world's oldest hominid skeleton in... Read More »

Dinosaur Fossils Found in the U.S.A?

As wild and scary as it may be to imagine, dinosaurs of all types used to roam throughout the United States, with fossil findings such as the 5-foot-long ornithischian dinosaur on the East Coast, t... Read More »

Where are carnotaurus fossils found?

According to East Tennessee University, carnotaurus fossils are found in South America, specifically Argentina. This large dinosaur was a theropod, a bipedal meat-eater, with two horns over the ey... Read More »

Where can carnotaurus fossils be found?

The discovery of Carnotaurus (flesh eating bull) fossils occurs in only one place: Patagonia, Argentina. In fact, there has only been one set of Carnotaurus fossils found. However, that fossil was ... Read More »