Where has Marxism worked?

Answer On One Hand: Marxism In The Soviet UnionMarxism, in its fully fledged form, has been proven by history to not work. The Soviet Union's records show that even in the "Golden Age" of Marxism (the 19... Read More »

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Why would someone go to the extreme of telling a lie and then drive the police to the place where she said she worked for 4 years only to find that she had not worked there?

Laverne and shirley worked where?

Laverne and Shirley were bottle cappers at Shotz Brewery for the majority of the series (for the first five seasons, which took place in Milwaukee, and tend to be the most well-known). The girls ha... Read More »

Where has Oprah Winfrey worked?

American. She was born in America and still lives there.

Where has Barack Obama worked?

Before becoming the President of the United States, Barack Obama worked in several different positions. The majority of his positions were located in Illinois dealing with public service.University... Read More »