Where has Karen Patterson gone from BBC northern ireland?

Answer Qi is hosted by Stephen Fry.

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Do you need a passport to travel from Scotland to Northern Ireland by ferry?

According to ferry operator P&O Irish Sea, passports are required for trips taking ferry passengers outside the United Kingdom. Trips between Scotland and Northern Ireland do not cross internationa... Read More »

Why can I still not get RTE in northern Ireland?

The only way you'll be able to get it in NI other than via an Aerial and probably a booster to go with it is on Sky DigitalRTÉ 1 - ch 175RTÉ 2 - ch 176TG4 - ch 177But it's only available if you t... Read More »

What is the IRA in Northern Ireland?

According to Irish history group Ireland's Own, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) sprang out of the formation of Irish political party Sinn Fein, which was fighting for freedom for Ireland from Briti... Read More »

Is Northern Ireland part of England?

Northern Ireland is not part of England. England and Northern Ireland are both part of the United Kingdom, more familiarly known as the UK. The name "England" is sometimes used casually to refer ... Read More »