Where does wikipedia get these pictures?

Answer Wikipedians are the ones who provide Wikipedia with their images, so most likely, yes, your assumption that people are taking pictures of these at home and then uploading them onto Wikipedia are mo... Read More »

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How do you get pictures on Wikipedia?

By being absolutely sure you're not viewing it in text-only mode. To find out if you're viewing Wikipedia in text-only mode simply look at the screen. If you see pictures you aren't. If you don't s... Read More »

How do you put pictures on Wikipedia?

your not supposed to from photobucket..Login or signup if you have yet to do so, then go to the Upload page,…check that the picture you want to upload is ... Read More »

How to upload pictures on Wikipedia?

According to Wikipedia policy, your account must be "autoconfirmed" (at least four days old, and with at least ten edits) before you are qualified to upload images.

Why does wikipedia have so many pictures of penises?

there are so many pictures of penises because wikipedo admins like to paste them all together in a photoshopped collage along with Jimbo's to have a penis version of "Where's Waldo?"