Where does waste go?

Answer The waste goes to the sewar. From there it is sent to places where the treat it using three steps. Then they send most of it back to be reused in toilets and sprinklers. For more, go too google and... Read More »

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Where does the waste go on a cruise ship?

Currently, most cruise companies treat their waste onboard, and then dispose of the treated material in the ocean near their ports of call. Because of the concerns this raises, many port cities, su... Read More »

Where does all the waste go when constipated?

It fills in all the empty space in the body's cavities, packing the torso and skull with an insulating later of compacted, crumbly feces.

Where does the babys waste go while pregnant?

The baby's waste becomes part of the amniotic fluid that they are swallowing and swimming in!

Where does waste carbon dioxide in the blood go?

Some waste carbon dioxide is filtered out of the blood by the lungs and exhaled in gaseous form, according to the Merck Manual Online Library. The rest combines with an additional oxygen molecule a... Read More »