Where does umbilical cord go after birth?

Answer It's attached to the placenta which is taken out of the woman and the other end which is attached to the baby's navel is cut off. The scar later becomes your bellybutton. They throw the placenta an... Read More »

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Where does the umbilical cord go after its cut?

Along with the placenta that it's attached to it's thrown away as human waste. The tiny bit attached to the baby where the scar will be the bellybutton, will soon shrivel up and fall off.

Where does the umbilical cord go after having the baby?

In many cases it will be used for research purposes. It is a good source of stem cells. If not, it is considered medical waste and incinerated.

Does a baby cry only after umbilical cord is cut?

they come in to the world screaming and then the doctor clamps it and cuts it right after so....................they are still crying afterwards

How much of the umbilical cord gets cut off at birth?

During prenatal development in mammals, the umbilical cord connects the fetus to the placenta. In humans, the umbilical cord, or birth cord, is about 20 inches long, and is generally clamped and cu... Read More »