Where does translation occur in a cell?

Answer Translation occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell. During translation, ribosomes translate messenger RNA. The messenger RNA is then used to assemble amino acid chains that form proteins used for cellul... Read More »

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Where does translation take place in a eukaryotic cell?

In a eukaryotic cell (one that has a clearly defined, membrane-bound nucleus), translation takes place in the cell's cytoplasm, the space outside of the cell's nucleus. The messenger RNA (mRNA) pas... Read More »

Where does respiration occur in a cell?

There are three processes that happen in respiration, and each happens in a different part of the cell. Glycolysis happens in the cytoplasm. The Krebs cycle occurs in the mitochondria. Oxidative ph... Read More »

Where does glycolysis occur in a eukaryotic cell?

Glycolysis is the first stage in cellular metabolism breaking glucose down into pyruvate. In both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, this process occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell. Pyruvate may be furth... Read More »

Where does cell respiration occur in eukaryotes?

According to Ohio State University, no specific part of the eukaryote is devoted to respiration. Instead, the energy release associated with respiration happens in the mitochondrion, a structure wi... Read More »