Where does translation occur in a cell?

Answer Translation occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell. During translation, ribosomes translate messenger RNA. The messenger RNA is then used to assemble amino acid chains that form proteins used for cellul... Read More »

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Where does translation take place in a eukaryotic cell?

In a eukaryotic cell (one that has a clearly defined, membrane-bound nucleus), translation takes place in the cell's cytoplasm, the space outside of the cell's nucleus. The messenger RNA (mRNA) pas... Read More »

Where does respiration occur in a cell?

There are three processes that happen in respiration, and each happens in a different part of the cell. Glycolysis happens in the cytoplasm. The Krebs cycle occurs in the mitochondria. Oxidative ph... Read More »

Can diffusion occur in a dead cell?

Diffusion can occur in a dead cell, according to St. Francis Preparatory School. This is possible because diffusion does not require outside energy, unlike active transport, which requires a cell t... Read More »

When does crossing over occur in cell division?

Crossing over---the random exchange of genetic material between the maternal and paternal chromosomes---occurs during prophase I of meiosis, which is the cell division process resulting in egg and ... Read More »