Where does the word hoover vacuum clener come from?

Answer it came from a man called jf hoover

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What country does the word hoover come from?

The USA, from the Hoover Company who still manufacture household goods

Where does the word mattress come from?

The word "mattress" originally stems from the Arabic word "taraha," which means "to throw." In Arabic, a "matrah" is a mat or a cushion. The word is also similar in Old French, materas, and Italian... Read More »

Where does the word"currents"come from?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word "currents" stems from the Old French word "corant," which means "running" or "lively." That word stems from the Latin "currere" (to run), whic... Read More »

Where does the word"skeleton"come from?

The word "skeleton" comes from the Latin "sceleton," which means "bones, bony framework of the body," which was taken from the Greek "skeletón." Skeletón is short for sṓma skeletón, or "dried-... Read More »