Where do I write to support my favorite tv show Stargate Universe?

Answer Try the contact link below .

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What are your favourite movies where somebody discovers a new world/universe?

"Harry Potter"... "The Chronicles Of Narnia""Hook""Matrix""Spirited Away"!! :)And The Neverending Story!!BQ: Both of them!!! Spirited Away!!BBQ: Lèon, obviously!! I love this movie!! :DBB3: King K... Read More »

How does the universe go forever in time?

It is believed to have had a beginning, some 14 billion years ago.Since it seems to be expanding faster and faster, it is quite possible that it goes on forever in time into the future.

When does Stargate universe start?

Stargate Universe does not air yet, it is planning to premier on the SciFi channel in fall 2009 on October the 2nd.

How long does it take to download dc universe?

It depends on your internet speed, it could take from 2 hours, to 2 days. usually takes about 5 for normal internet.