Where does the term 3G come from?

Answer the term 3G can mean third generation or the network/connection speed.

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Where does the term Who are you come from?

Since I am involved in music I'm going to give the synopsis of "Who Are You" as a song and an album versus the phrase itself which, consequently, has been around for much longer than the song and a... Read More »

Where does the term"mariachi"come from?

There is controversy surrounding the origin of the word mariachi and no definitive answer. However, most experts believe mariachi comes from the extinct Coca language in Jalisco, Mexico. Other scho... Read More »

Where does the term bobby pin come from?

The origin of the term "bobby pin" is a little unclear, but many people believe that the term relates to bobbed hair styles. The word bobby pin came into use in the 1930s, when cropped haircuts wer... Read More »

Where does the term 'baroque' come from?

Answer 1765, from M.Fr. baroque "irregular," from Port. barroco "imperfect pearl," Sp. berruca "a wart," origin unknown. "This style in decorations got the epithet of Barroque taste, derived fro... Read More »