Where and when did the term, "Look at the Birdie", come from?

Answer In the early days of portrait photo photography, especially for the children, the photographer would hold a small, stuff, toy bird and wiggle it a little so the children might think it was real and... Read More »

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Where does the term Who are you come from?

Since I am involved in music I'm going to give the synopsis of "Who Are You" as a song and an album versus the phrase itself which, consequently, has been around for much longer than the song and a... Read More »

Where does the term 3G come from?

the term 3G can mean third generation or the network/connection speed.

What does the term "Random Keyed" mean when referring to door knobs?

When you buy locks there are "Key codes" on the package. If you buy 2 locks with the same key code the keys will work in both locks. These are called "Keyed alike". When you buy a lock that is "Ran... Read More »

Where does the term"mariachi"come from?

There is controversy surrounding the origin of the word mariachi and no definitive answer. However, most experts believe mariachi comes from the extinct Coca language in Jalisco, Mexico. Other scho... Read More »