How to Be an Indiana Hoosiers Fan?

Answer The Indiana Hoosiers are a college football team offered through Indiana University. The Hoosiers compete in the Big Ten conference. If you're a new fan looking for ways to support the Hoosiers, or... Read More »

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How many basketball coaches have the indiana hoosiers had?

Including current coach Tom Crean, Indiana University has had a total of 28 men's basketball coaches since since it's creation in 1898. The Hoosiers have won five NCAA Men's Tournament Championship... Read More »

What is the medical term id when referring to a rash?

The term "rash" does not refer to a specific condition. Rash is a general term the public uses to refer to bumps, scaly or red patches on the skin. However, there are various types of rashes that ... Read More »

What does the term "Random Keyed" mean when referring to door knobs?

When you buy locks there are "Key codes" on the package. If you buy 2 locks with the same key code the keys will work in both locks. These are called "Keyed alike". When you buy a lock that is "Ran... Read More »

Can you adopt in the US if you are not a citizen but only residents on a long-term work visa?

If you have sufficient evidence that the statements she made were false, you can file an appeal. If accepted, they could investigate and if proven guilty she would be charged with perjury, or "lyin... Read More »