Where does the surname Mayo come from?

Answer The name Mayo, despite the fact that it is also applied to a county in Ireland, is actually a British name, dating to 11th century England, and even earlier in France.Norman OriginThe name Mayo is ... Read More »

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What's the difference between Japanese mayo & American mayo?

ONE ELEMENT: MSGThe Japanese "Kewpie" Brand mayo. contains MSG which explains why it tastes so good.A good American substitute is Duke's Mayo. (no MSG).

What to use instead of mayo please help me out?

Its easy. make homemade mayo.blend one egg white and while blending add oil in the blender Very slowly !! until this mix gets thick. add salt and you have homemade mayo.If you have lime or lemon ad... Read More »

What does mayo stand for?

Mayo is short for mayonnaise, a condiment made with vinegar and egg whites. Mayonnaise is a key ingredient in potato, tuna and chicken salad. It is also a common addition to sandwiches, often sprea... Read More »

Should i eat this expired Mayo?

Eat it and keep us updated on the results please.