Where does the surname Cantu come from?

Answer The surname Cantu may be derived from the description of a person who lived in an area where there was clay or stone, such as a quarry. The name may be an occupational name, meaning quarryman or st... Read More »

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I just recently purchased cantu hair&scalp no drip oil it contains jojaba oil,Shea butter,but mineral oil?

Depends if you want your hair to flow or you're cool with styles like bantu knots and tight curls....if you wear your hair flow like try a serum instead and some light literally says ... Read More »

Where did the surname Moe come from?

As a surname, "Moe" comes from either Norway or Sweden. In Norway, many farmsteads were named "Moe," and the residents of these places were sometimes given the last name Moe. In Old Norse, the name... Read More »

What does the surname Way mean?

The surname Way originally developed as a name that related to one's location. If you lived near a trail or roadway of some kind, then you might be known as "John of the Way." Over time, the name b... Read More »

What does the surname Barr mean?

Two definitions exist for the surname Barr. The Gaelic meaning translates to hill. The Norman French meaning might come from place names like Barr-en-Ouche, which derives its name from "barre," mea... Read More »