Where does the spoon go in the French place setting?

Answer In a French place setting, the spoon is all the way to the right, with the knife being placed between the spoon and the plate. The fork is to the plate's left. If there is both a soup spoon and a b... Read More »

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Where does the napkin go in a place setting?

In a proper place setting, the napkin always goes on the left hand side, along with the fish fork, dinner fork and salad fork. The knives go on the right with the soup spoon.Source:Chef Geir's Culi... Read More »

What is the setting, time& place in the novel"Ana's Story"?

Written by Jenna Bush, daughter of former US President George W. Bush, "Ana's Story" is a book about a young girl Jenna met while working with UNICEF. The book details the traumatic events HIV-posi... Read More »

Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas?

On Thanksgiving Day, we gather around dinner tables with friends and food. A perfect place setting can set the mood for your dinner. It can also loosen up guests and invite them to have a good time... Read More »

What is the setting, the time, and the place in the novel"Ana's Story"?

According to publisher Harper Collins, the novel "Ana's Story" by Jenna Bush tells the true story of a 17-year-old single mother living with HIV. Published in 2007, the story is set in Latin Americ... Read More »