How to Live in Your Own Little World?

Answer Your own little world, is basically your world, in where you do and say what you want. It doesn't mean you do bad things, it's never okay to do bad things and no one can decide what's right or wron... Read More »

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Where in the world do geckos live?

Geckos can be found in countries that have warm weather including Africa, Asia, Australia, America and Europe. They do not live in extremely cold climates. Australia is home to more than 50 differe... Read More »

How to Live Peacefully With Yourself & World?

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Where do seahorses live in the world?

Seahorses live in shallow tropical and temperate waters around the world. They live in the grasses and coral reefs and anchor themselves to them with their tails. Males will often stay on the same ... Read More »

Where in the world do crabs live?

The Capital Regional District website indicates that crabs live in a variety of saltwater and freshwater habitats around the world. Some crabs can live on land, while others live in bays and estuar... Read More »