Where does the saying - bless your cotton socks come from?

Answer George Edward Lynch Cotton, English clergyman and educator, assistant master at Rugby 1837-1852, the �young master� in Thomas Hughes's "Tom Brown's School Days". Bishop of Calcutta, 1858 where ... Read More »

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Where does the saying Irish Pennant from in the United States Marine Corps come from?

The term "Irish pennant" derives from the Royal Navy during the time of sailing ships. It was a loose or untidy end of a line. In Navy and Marine Corps parlance today, an Irish pennant is a loose t... Read More »

Where does moon stone come from?

Moonstone is a gemstone from the mineral group. Most moonstones are found in Sri Lanka, the stone's original country. However, the United States, Brazil, Australia, India, Myanmar and Madagascar ha... Read More »

Where does natural stone come from?

Natural stone is any stone that is mined, or is found in the ground, such as slate, marble or granite. Man-made, or synthetic stone, on the other hand, can be made to look like natural stone. One k... Read More »

I have a runny nose...where does it come from?

The mucus is actually secreted by the mucous lining of your nostrills. It is secreted normally everyday as a protective layer to the mucous lining but in upper respiratory tract infections, excessi... Read More »