From what episode of Seinfeld is the quote 'Maybe the dingo ate your baby'?

Answer The "Maybe the dingo ate your baby" episode was titled "The Stranded". It was episode #9 in season 2, initially aired on November 27,1991.

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During birth where does the baby come from?

the year 1967, January 28th 1967, the year 1987, December 6th 1987, December 6th 1967, the year 1988 and December 6th 1988

Where does the baby come out from when a women is in labor?

The uterus then the baby comes out through the vagina.

Apple seeds come from apples. orange seeds come from oranges, where does grass seed come from?

If you lived in the valley I live in you wouldn't need to ask. Grass seed comes from grass.Before grass goes to see, it pollinates, and your allergic neighbor (or you, if you're unlucky) can't go o... Read More »

Where does a baby come out of?

It comes out of a woman's genitalia normally. Some babies are delivered by C section and that mean they have to cut below the woman's stomach to get the baby out.