Where does the prime meridian meet on the globe?

Answer The prime meridian is an imaginary line that marks zero degrees longitude on a global map. The line was created by scientists in Greenwich, England. Essentially, at the point the sun sits directly ... Read More »

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What degree is the Prime Meridian located at on the globe?

The Prime Meridian is a line of longitude, which means it runs up and down, or north to south. The Prime Meridian is at 0 degrees. This meridian passes through Greenwich, England, which is where th... Read More »

What London borough does the Prime Meridian pass through?

The Prime Meridian passes through the London borough called Greenwich. The Greenwich borough is located in the Docklands, and it's known for the Royal Navy Academy, where you will also find the his... Read More »

Does the Prime Meridian pass through the North or South Pole?

The Prime Meridian starts and ends at the two poles. It is a straight line at 0 degrees longitude that divides the Earth into the Eastern and Western hemispheres. The Prime Meridian is not the Inte... Read More »

Where does the prime rate come from?

Prime rate refers to a benchmark interest rate charged by banks. Originally, it was the rate they charged their best customers. It is generally 3 percent above the federal funds rate and is used as... Read More »